Cách đặt câu với từ "are"

Why are you disappointed in me?

"Where are you?" he asked.

The kids are in the next room.

Are we getting close?

These are my other two daughters, Dulce and Alondra.

What time are we going to leave tomorrow?

Where are you going?

"You forget that stairs are unnecessary," observed the Wizard.

Are wou pwoud of me?

You are my hero.

We are already well on our way.

While entertaining, they are never, ever correct.

There are bears near by.

But you are alike in some ways.

But you must remember I'm old, and my dashing days are past and gone.

It seems to me that the great difficulty of writing is to make the language of the educated mind express our confused ideas, half feelings, half thoughts, when we are little more than bundles of instinctive tendencies.

He thinks you are better than us.

"What are you doing," he finally asked.

"You are off to the war, Prince?" said Anna Pavlovna.

"Hello!" he said, seeing her, "are you Dorothy Gale?"