Cách đặt câu với từ "emigrated"

He emigrated and served in Conde's army.

He emigrated to Queensland at the age of 23 and eight years later was elected to the Queensland Legislature.

After the chores were finished, the group emigrated to the parlor for a game of Scrabble.

Many of its native Christian defenders emigrated to Dalmatia and Italy; others took refuge in the mountains with the Roman Catholic Ghegs.

A considerable portion of the Turkish population emigrated in 1881; a further exodus took place in 1898.

But since the Russians became masters of this region, its former inhabitants (Circassian tribes) have emigrated in thousands, so that the country is now only thinly inhabited.

His father was a physician who emigrated from Denmark in 1864.

Whatever the racial affinities of the early inhabitants may have been, it is certain that in historic times Rhodes was occupied by a Dorian population, reputed to have emigrated mainly from Argos subsequently to the "Dorian invasion" of Greece.

He then emigrated to Dresden.

On the collapse of the insurrection Kollontaj emigrated to Austria, where from 1795 to 1802 he was detained as a prisoner.

In Russia proper less than 2% emigrated from the C villages to the towns during the forty years ending 1897.

His grandfather, Antoine Louis Marie, duc de Gramont (1755-1836), had emigrated during the Revolution, and his father, Antoine Heraclius Genevieve Agenor (1789-1855), duc de Gramont and de Guiche, fought under the British flag in the Peninsular War, became a lieutenantgeneral in the French army in 1823, and in 1830 accompanied Charles X.

For some time after his arrival complete tranquillity prevailed in the island, but the Moslem population, reduced to great distress by the prolonged insurrection, emigrated in large numbers.

His father, a farmer, also named John, was of the fourth generation in descent from Henry Adams, who emigrated from Devonshire, England, to Massachusetts about 1636; his mother was Susanna Boylston Adams. Young Adams graduated from Harvard College in 1755, and for a time taught school at Worcester and studied law in the office of Rufus Putnam.

The country of Cutch was invaded about the 13th century by a body of Mahommedans of the Summa tribe, who under the guidance of five brothers emigrated from Sind, and who gradually subdued or expelled the original inhabitants, consisting of three distinct races.

Thousands of Transylvanian gentlemen emigrated to Turkey to get out of his reach.

Vilas, a lawyer and Democratic politician, emigrated in 1851 to Madison, Wisconsin.

Before the Aga Khan emigrated from Persia, he was appointed by the emperor Fateh Ali Shah to be governor-general of the extensive and important province of Kerman.

He was descended from Edmond Sherman, who emigrated from England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634.

Since 1820 over twenty million persons have emigrated from Europe to countries beyond the sea.