Cách đặt câu với từ "full"

He was full of surprises.

How full of life and motion it was!

Slowly carrying the full cups into the living room, she handed one to Alex.

Texas was full of beautiful valleys.

It's full of sculptures and paintings.

History is full of radical breaks with the past that only seem to have come out of nowhere but were, in fact, predictable.

She handed Bordeaux a plate full of flapjacks she had been keeping warm by the fire and poured some honey over the top.

When the tines get full of hay, you lift it.

A full week passed before we had our answer.

Within an hour Betsy had assembled a full biography.

For a full week she enjoyed the benefits of being big sister.

Her expression was solemn, but the eyes that regarded Lisa were full of mischief.

Are you a full time student?

So Boris was full of nervous vivacity all day.

That wide-eyed innocent look and those full lips reminded him of a fairytale princess.

Roxanne smiled, and that tiny dimple danced at the corner of her full lips.

She tried to feign innocence but her eyes were probably full of mischief instead.

We took full advantage of our opportunity.

We had full medical insurance and a pension program.

The 1920s to 1950s renderings of what people thought the future would look like are full of things like personal jetpacks and flying cars.