Cách đặt câu với từ "had"

Certainly she had been under a lot of stress.

All the papers had been signed and the money provided.

Would she ever outgrow the things mama had taught her?

A nearby steeple had been broken off short and the fragments lay heaped beside it.

But it is a long time since I have had any sleep, and I'm tired.

But they had no handkerchiefs, either.

He had climbed many a tree when he was a boy.

He had just entered, wearing an embroidered court uniform, knee breeches, and shoes, and had stars on his breast and a serene expression on his flat face.

Alex had provided the money to remodel the home, but insisted that it stay in her name only.

Carmen had already spoken to Mums about it.

He was not a very large man, but was well formed and had a beautiful face--calm and serene as the face of a fine portrait.

When he had finished, he bowed, and waited, hoping that he would be rewarded.

But in the excitement of carrying me to church my father lost the name on the way, very naturally, since it was one in which he had declined to have a part.

They had walked a mile or two towards home, when they came to the edge of a narrow and deep ravine.

Each stick was carefully mortised or tenoned by its stump, for I had borrowed other tools by this time.

Anna Pavlovna had had a cough for some days.

In fact, he had given her strict orders not to lift anything.

Some time later, the shepherd went to the city and told the king that the children had learned to speak one word, but how or from whom, he did not know.

Many wise men and poets and musicians had also been invited.

Martha Washington understood my signs, and I seldom had any difficulty in making her do just as I wished.