Cách đặt câu với từ "home"

Daddy went home to sleep.

Now go home and get some rest.

"It's good to be home," he whispered, "with the people who mean the most to me."

His home was in the country not far from a great forest.

Alex had provided the money to remodel the home, but insisted that it stay in her name only.

Alpatych was not at home, he had gone to the police.

In spite of the continual struggle for custody, he had felt more welcome at the Medena home than he had with his step-father's family.

Of course, if you prefer, we can wait until you come home from work and make it a fun family event.

They would have some time to enjoy a late Christmas at home when they returned.

He loved the animals, his home and the clinic.

Jonathan would be home soon so she started supper.

At last James Hogg said, "It's of no use; all we can do is to go home and tell the master that we have lost his whole flock."

He was glad to go back to England to see his home and his friends once more.

Petya was not at home, he had gone to visit a friend with whom he meant to obtain a transfer from the militia to the active army.

This was one of their first lessons at home and at school.

At home, presents were under the tree, waiting for their return.

"Katie is going to take you home," Alex said.

You go on home with Jonathan.

We don't expect to get him home alive!

When Alex came home Destiny crawled into his lap.