Cách đặt câu với từ "neurotypical"

High-functioning autism involves symptoms like delayed or non-functional language skills, compromised social development, or lack the ability to "role play" with toys and do other imaginative play activities that neurotypical children do.

Although these individuals stand out for their contributions to arts, mathematics, literature, and other important areas, they may be most valued for their ability to bridge the gap between people with autism and the neurotypical world.

D. of the Autism Research Institute speculate that savantism may occur because some people with autism have the ability to focus their entire attention on a subject or activity with an intensity that few neurotypical people can copy.

Brain abnormalities: Over the years, autism brain studies have revealed that some autistic individuals have differences in brain growth, structure and functioning than the brains of neurotypical (nonautistic) individuals.

These issues vary in the degree of severity and may interfere with how an autistic person understands verbal speech or a neurotypical (nonautistic) person's emotional responses to common social situations.

Researchers also found that the missing DNA was present in the affected children's neurotypical parents, meaning the mutation is spontaneous and rarely passes directly from parent to child.

Some question the validity of the condition in spite of empirical research that has unveiled the differences in brains of people with Aspergers from the brains of neurotypical individuals.

While many of the symptoms of autism can also be apparent in neurotypical children, they become diagnosable when they interfere with the child's ability to function on a daily basis.

Many neurotypical babies develop at a relatively slow pace and when a baby does not reach specific developmental milestones by a certain month, there is usually no cause for alarm.

The problem with the list of possible signs is that many things a neurotypical baby will do, such as becoming rigid, are included making identification difficult.