Cách đặt câu với từ "not"

Perhaps I don't understand things, but Austria never has wished, and does not wish, for war.

"I'm not going to drop a pin," said Zeb.

Jonathan wants a little brother, not a little sister.

I am not saying we live in a utopia.

Two other baby birds were there, that had not fallen out.

For a moment the boy did not know what he meant by this question.

In the strict sense of the word I am not a Wizard, but only a humbug.

"Heavens! what a virulent attack!" replied the prince, not in the least disconcerted by this reception.

Not now implied later, but that didn't feel comfortable either.

But I did not find out the secret for several years.

The speech was not hard to learn, and Edward soon knew every word of it.

But this was not true.

After reading my arguments, you may or may not believe the future I describe is inevitable, as I say it is.

By the midpoint of the twentieth century, America's dreamers were preoccupied with the future—and not just any old future, but the great and glorious future that seemed inevitable.

But nowhere in it was there even a hint that it might not be possible.

"Henry Longfellow," said the teacher, "why have you not written?"

Henry's composition was not in verse.

And while it may not be perfect, life will be profoundly better for everyone on the planet.

She smiled to herself - and not always because he rubbed her the wrong way.

He did not act as if it was bothering him.